Faulty Guitar Hero II Controller Fix

   07/04/2007 at 11:47       Richard Horne       14 COMMENTS.
Red Octane confirmed today via its customer support team that unfortunately there is a batch of Guitar Hero II X Plorer controllers for the Xbox 360 with a faulty whammy bar. The problem causes whammy bar movements to either not be registered withint the game, or for there to be a slight delay before you whammy bar movements are represented on screen.

Red Octane has promised that unsatisfied customers can exchange their controllers at their place of purchase, or if purchased via their online store, can submit an RMA request and have the faulty controller exchanged.

The problem is isolated to two specific models of the controller, the numbers of which are 95065 and 95055 and which you can see an example of below:

However all is not as bad as it seems as we have discovered a remedy to this problem which is as simple as loosening two screws and which does not void your warranty.Carefully follow the simple instructions below and click on each of the images in order to view larger high resolution versions.

First off, you need to place your X Plorer controller face down on a table or sturdy suface and remove all 11 of the black screws from the white body of the controller. You will need a long and thin posidrive screwdrive in order to do this.

Then once you've removed the back from the controller you need to locate the whammy bar's sensor mechanism.

The next step is to slightly loosen the two screws that hold the sensor in place and rotate the whole mechanism by only a slight fraction in a clockwise direction before tightening the two screws back up again, and replacing the white cover and tightening up the 11 screws again.

And that should fix the whammy bar problem and rather helpfully also not void your warranty as there are no intrusion prevention stickers that need to be broken in order to fix this issue. It really is that simple and seems somewhat of an oversight on Red Octane's part.

On a final note and following up on our story earlier this week about the rumoured effects pedal future addon for those of you still not convinced, I present the following photograph as conclusive proof:

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