Xbox 360 Guitar Hero 2 Effects Pedal Confirmed

   02/04/2007 at 17:56       Richard Horne       7 COMMENTS.
A mysterious port on the underside of the X Plorer Guitar Hero controller for Guitar Hero 2 on the Xbox 360 set tongues wagging a long time ago with respect to the possible future addition of an effects pedal. And with the game's release almost upon us (yes before you ask of course I'm excited all over again), thsoe people lucky enough to receive an advance copy of the game discovered a revealing image in the game's manual that finally proves said addon's existance once and for all.

The image which you can see below, clearly confirms the function of the port but rather mysteriously, elsewhere in the same manual the line "feature currently unavailable" casts doubt as to whether the effects pedal will be an addition to Guitar Hero 2 by way of downloadable content or whether it's Red Octane sowing the seeds for the 3rd title in the Guitar Hero franchise. Which as we all know is now being developed by Neversoft and not Harmonix.

Either way, it's a potentially fun addition to what's already a stellar franchise and will no doubt help the series continue to go from strength to strength.

Sales figures for the game, which retails at a much higher price point than is normal due to the addition of the bundled controller, continue to be consistently high and will no doubt be further boosted by the game's imminent Xbox 360 release. Though it was to be said that Red Octane's decision to release the game at the premium price of 64.99 on the 360 compared with 39.99 on the PS2, means that for some the PS2 version is still the way to go.

The 360 version does of course feature an extra 10 songs that the PS2 version doesn't have, as well as hi definition graphics, achievements and perhaps most importantly limitless future potential by way of DLC. It's already been confirmed that songs from the Guitar Hero 1 will be made available to download.
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billdoor - on 03/04/2007 at 09:35 wrote:
Bit late for an aprils fool innit?

JimJam - on 03/04/2007 at 10:26 wrote:
Please let this be a Wah pedal ! Rockamunga !

Stevas - on 03/04/2007 at 11:33 wrote:
Forgive my guitar noobness, but isn't a wah pedal just doing the same thing as a wammy bar?
Wammy? Wah? What gibberish is this?

quedex - on 03/04/2007 at 12:37 wrote:
When do you get your free copy?

HairyArse - on 03/04/2007 at 14:20 wrote:
Distortion effects not wah and this aint no April fool.


HairyArse - on 03/04/2007 at 14:20 wrote:
As soon as send me it. I'm hoping it'll arrive on the release date but knowing it'll more likely be Monday that Thursday or Friday.

JimJam - on 03/04/2007 at 15:57 wrote:
@Stevas, the whammy bar is just an Americanism for the tremelo arm, and pushing in or pulling out the trem slackens or tightens the strings and therefore changes their tuning, so the note will slide either up or down.

The Wah pedal works in an analogue fashion like a car accelerator pedal and adds the 'wwwwwaaaaahhhhhh' sound to the note you play, like on Hendrix's Voodoo Chile (Slight Return). You can control the timing and extremity of the wah depending on how quickly and to what extremes you depress/release the pedal. Does that make any sense at all ?

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